The Peoples Land

The Ancient

We are the air, the sky, the four corners of time

The generations who learned the raven’s stories

Bearers of the knowledge of the earth

Walking the land in spirit with the living

The speakers of words without time,

Truth without walls,

Life without end.


The Elders

We are the many feathers of the eagle’s wing

United, soaring on unbounded winds,

Vision taught from listening to nature

Seeing the spirits of our one home, the land

We hold the names, stories, wisdom, woven from the past

Place them in the present, trust them to the future

As limitless and focused as the eagle’s eye.


The Parents

We are the rocks, the trees, the endless flowing water

People of a way of being, caring, knowing

Lines drawn through time or space on land, divide, destroy.

Once disrespected, rooted from the land

Disrupting life’s unbroken flow, spirit, relationships,

And falsely shamed and taught to walk

Think, speak, as aliens from nature.


The Present

We are the wandering caribou; the daughters, sons,

Honouring those who wore great pain,

We place a new dance stick, to end their shame.

Refresh, renew our connection with the land

Our people, language, stories, places, law,

Discovering their meaning to us, in us:

We belong to this land.


The Youth

We are the elk, new and strong

Among the people belonging to the

Storied places, traditions, ways.

We joy in our discovery of the land,

Our lifeblood, home of every living thing

Celebrated in the songs, music, dances

That we receive, learn, share and bring.


The Infants

We are the falling snow, returning sun,

The rivers rushing to the sea;

Young stewards of the names, stories

Traditions and obligations to the land

Hearing across time the wisdom of the earth

Learning the ways to snare, to hunt, to fish

Respect, to honour and relate.


The Future

We are the spirits who will yet walk in time

Come later to the timeless feast

Receive the songs, dance the dance

Of life in harmony with the land

Make camp beside some ancient river, fire pit

Feel called to gaze across the countless ages

And recognize, respect, the spirits of the past.




The land sweeps along the rivers

Across the lakes, into the mountains,

knows no limits, no boundaries

stops only for the sea, and sky.


We are Dun, the People––

Living as one across the corners

of time, place, spirit, wisdom.

We are our heritage, this is our story.

This our Declaration to the world.

About this:

 © Philip Knight 2018