Old Dominion

Soft lives and great power

Inhabit the soft hills and lush runs

Rolling between the famous

Towns, titled mansions, and

Stonewalled fields of battle.

Stress free byways wind their way

Among the farms, the hunting hills

Along the runs, across the ridges

Beside the hamlets, through the rills and forests

Shading the hidden mansions 

Of senators, generals, consultants

Deans, professors, ministers and other 

Apostles for the new aristocratic creed

Of elite, liberal, gentry democracy.

Soft talk and irenic discussion

Whispering in the corridors and colonnades 

Shading the gracious rooms, the power hungry offices, 

The meeting halls where men once bravely

Denounced tyranny, declared equality,

And vowed for liberty or death.

About this: This came to me as I drove the byways of Virginia following a Constitution conference at Madison’s Home, Montpelier.

 © Philip Knight 2018