Could You Imagine a Whole Week . . .

The trident mark’s on everything I see

a song demands surrender, reaches me

on gentle evening breezes.

Sea colors dazzle, warm wind seduces

wave sounds soothe, a disco beat confuses.

A path winds falsely through some native trees

We’re isolated from the real life on these cays

Back to the people, face open to sea

Nothing exists but here, and us, and me

This is paradise as it was never meant to be.

The week began before we ever got here

It ends two days before our day trip home

The singer praises New York for the masses

But we exist in our minds alone. 

We lay our bodies out beside the pool

Some future tribute to the ozone gods, an act of fools

Or suffering endured to wear a story back

That we escaped the classroom, office, rules

And bought ourselves exposure to the sun

Free food, drinks, sex, songs and fun

And paid, in the exquisite coin of pain,

For skin as dark as servants we disdain.

The bar begins before our minds are cleansed

All we want is freedom, a caffeine fix, the company of friends.

The staff exude content and harbored lives;

The guests are working hard at having fun.

The village chief is best as village fool

His staff are happy to be free of school

Like wine or cheese, they’re fresh and barely aged

All bronzed and mellow in their gilded cage

The food and beds are always made,

The boys and girls are often laid,

The dance goes on, the music never stops.

But really, no one ever truly talks.

They raised a fresh new flag today

But no wind came to let it have its say.

A dolphin came to swim among the skiers

In noonday sun, I cannot tell you why

The land at night is darker than the sky.

About this: The title was a 1980’s promotional slogan for Club Med resorts. We went, we saw, we noted the contradictions.

 © Philip Knight 2018