Canadian Dream

With less idea how vast the land

Than the price of its life,

We pitch our purses together

Strain for the west

Hoping to make landfall

Before sunset.

Some look into the loam, sink hopes,

Roots, which hold or freeze or die, 

Others burrow, buried in the metro.

And randomly, floating, flying

Some eye another place,

Skim stonily across time’s rushing water

Fearing to slow. And sink.

All hopes are mugged at the wall of rock.

The cuss’d climbing through,

Run the canyons of purgatory

Float finally into the detached solitude

Of an imagined paradise.

About this: For most of our history, immigrants to Canada have arrived in the east, and slowly made their way west until their ambitions found fertile soil, contentment.

Photo: The Red River at Winnipeg, the geographic centre of  the country. set in of the lowest part of the  wide valley that is the Canadian prairie.

 © Philip Knight 2018