At Rest on Morovo Lagoon

Oceans of silence calm the mind, 

The day, humid heavy as the air,

Lightened by the cadence of bird calls,

chipper songs Lost among the canopy  

Or in a moment Disturbed by the quiet

Puttering of a fish boat sidling away

Its change of heart and muffled calls

Jetty to shore as sound waves

Flatten out smooth as surface water

Out on the edge sunlight 

diamonds the rippling Current

Light waves breaking to a pastel palette

white greyness of cumulus answering the soft jade sea

Pockets of shadowed reflection where land, sand 

agree To shade some silent swimmers

There is a constancy when waves subside

Time stills with the calm, the quiet

Forgets the day and hour

passages are marked and measured 

Now by nuanced waves of light

Gently impressing the urgency

to learn, to see, different.

 © Philip Knight 2018