Virtue Signals

Today we choose our coffee, as our cars

Less for what they do than for 

The virtue, righteousness they signal.

The great divide now lies between

Those called good, who pander to virtue

And those decried as evil, for their refusal to do so.

We select as leaders those who best follow

Who are consummate signallers

To the shibolleths of our time

Rejecting those who speak truths

We prefer not to know

Who itch us to the urgency of thought

Quailing in the face of perma grievance

We speak, seek always to appease

The agents of our delegitimacy

Associated in some shaded light of sin or error

We rush to wear the mantle of deep guilt

As proof of our enlightened wokeness

Acquiesed to the identitism of accusers

Who paint their prejudice as unbiased virtue

We denounce as privilege all grace and blessing

Our core virtue is self-abasement,

Fiercing pleading our worth

By feckless announcement of its opposite.

Then wonder at our anger, confusion and despair.

 © Philip Knight 2018