Singing No More

I hear America raging, across the gridiron of opinion---

Friends, faces in a book driven by emotion, rage on cue for any hashing tag, each passing fad;

Students, fearful of life's awful truths, rage against all triggering passions;

Professors, scientists join in rage against disquieting voices, contradiction;

Athletes, offended by some unfair play, rage in a patriotic faux;

The weak, the meek, and all who seek some unearned right, rage against all power;

Commanders of the culture mock, deplore, rage against the clinging mass;

Talking heads, minds closed and vision squinted, blindly rage their funhouse-mirrored views;

Politicians, grieved by all restraints, their own impotence, rage against the limits of defining law—

    Each raging what offends to him or her and to none else

    All raging with closed fists their fears, their deep frustrations.

    All claiming just cause and virtue

    Each demanding to compose, impose, a peaceful mono-tune

Until the anthem music, grown discordant, dies.

 © Philip Knight 2018