Post-modern Tolerance


Post-modern Tolerance

We are the antifa, 

          banning all disagreeable voices;

We are the liberal minds, 

          closed to challenging ideas;

We are the inclusive souls, 

          insulated from, excluding, all we deplore;

We are the open spirits, 

          refusing to hear any other;

We are the rational, 

          disciples of pop opinion;

We are the inquiring, 

          apostles of ‘settled science’;

We are the adults, 

          roused by emotion, raging at all that triggers our offence;

We are the transparent, 

          evading, silencing all who question;

We are the definition of justice, 

          merciless to those we abhor;

We are the rulers, 

          privileged by self-virtue, claimed victimhood;

We are the woke, 

          asleep to our hypocrisies;

We are the tolerant, 

          sworn enemies of all who see our naked truth.

About This:

in 1947, the founding meeting of the Mont Pelerin Society called for intellectual freedom in the postwar world, noting that “freedom of thought and expression is threatened by the spread of creeds which, claiming the privilege of tolerance when they are in the minority, seek only to establish a position of power from which they can suppress and obliterate all views but their own”. 

Sadly, three-quarters of a century later, those words remain wholly apt.

 © Philip Knight 2018