Not That I Think Them Ignorant

The public system that schooled us--

Me, and all the other voters--

Is to blame, fails miserably . . .

How else to explain

The deplorable

Outcomes of elections

Giving voice, power

To those I Democratically despise;

Not that I think the unwoke ignorant

Or anything . . .

But it would be in their interest

To elect their betters, those who would

Tax more, place more power

In the hands of the educated,

The educators 

Skilled in failing miserably.

About this: A lunch hour conversation with a Democratic political consultant in New Orleans, who explained the recent rapid conversion of her state from Democratic to Republican majorities as a result of Americas failing public education system, then added the confession I took as my Title, “Not that I think them ignorant or anything . . .” . 

The words are mostly hers; the poetry of them, mine.

 © Philip Knight 2018