Driving Dixie Down

Lee Circle has but a truncated stump

From which the harsh judgement

Of political correctness has effaced

The great offense of a patriot whose mortal sin

Was to defend those who saw, thought different.

Caught once more in a campaign

Relentless as the March, ruthless

Destruction of a way of life,

A social order.

The indictment not of him, 

but a revised history, never heard 'til now, 

that he was later raised in tribute 

to a cause he never owned.

No accident those preferring the indictment

oppose his honest cause, the ideal of states united

promote instead The definite article 

of conformity in a unitary state.

And fitting to the times their prosecution of the case

signals their virtue, masking the values of their project, 

perhaps most from themselves.

And once again, the General is displaced, homeless.

His place an overflowing grave, 

monument to his victors' ambitions.

 © Philip Knight 2018