Early the first pale light of this solstitial dawn

Creeps with cat paw stealth across the dewy lawn

Creates a gilt edged line of daybreak 

Far in the eastern fields

As darkness of eternal space now yields

Mastery over sky and sea and earth.

And I have seen the summer come to birth.

The morning stretches endless as the sky

Above the shimmering prairie, wind-baked dry

The brilliant vernal sun scorches, burns the eye

And all of young and tender life must lie

Beneath the sheltering flora, lest it die.

Of movement, soul and spirit there is only I

Alone amid the early morning world

And empty sky.

Now the majestic orb stands high above the distant pole

While mid day’s madcap energy excites the soul

The spirit that has known but itself now seeks a mate

As day moves on the soul seeks to relate

Its rich evidence of life, the day's events

And share the time as one

Together in the sun

Before the long descent.

Languid as the winding of an aimless stream

The shadows move and lengthen slowly as a dream

The glory of the noon, its power heat and light

Spread wider, filling all of life with energy and might

And vigorous the spirit opens to the strongest part of day

Flower like all expression blooms and finds a way

Each plan and hope and dream is reached

And joy is shared for all that is achieved.

The earth, the sky, the spirit, and the life

All are omnipotent, eternal as the day

Before the sun begins to fade away.

The gentle evening lingers cool and clean

Accented in vivid hues, verdant, deep and green

Of whispering elm and oak and poplar screen

Mature and supple strength: all would seem

As if to last forever.

The moments now are shared in harmony

And all of life moves on in symphony

Experience and friendship are the strengths of eve

The last and truest gifts of life

Before the day must take its final leave.

The day is spent, the dark returns again

To cast its rule across the world of men

The night sits heavy over the terrestrial whole

Though not upon the gentle mellow souls

Who knew this day.

For life itself has given of its best

All that is good comes finally to rest

The day is spent, our life together done

The spirit sets with the last rays of sun.

The light is spent

Night darkness cloaks the earth in a shroud

Beneath which we see but forms and shapes and stars

And shadows fill the empty spaces

Which by daylight all were our theatres of life.

In the empty void of night

The soul disconnects from all––

The hurried harried bustle of the day,

The sweet and mellow fellowship of eve,

Surrounded once with ways and means and ends

Energy, activity, and friends--

It's cloaked in darkness now.

Again as at the dawning, there is only I

Alone amid the endless circle of our life

And empty sky. 

 © Philip Knight 2018