Sea of Tranquility

A thin translucent rime

Of phosphorescent pink rings the blue horizon

A clear penumbral halo

Blushing to be seen by an intruder in the sky.

An arching coral dome crowned

By a single diamond set

high in a seamless velvet sky

A diadem of rarest clarity and cut

Hanging in the perfect azure light

The waning crescent moon

Reflects the pure steel white

Distilled strength of the western sun.

A carpeting of grey white clouds

Whose upturned faces here and there

Are tinged a slight golden glow

Reflecting out into the eternity of space

The glory, sweetness of an early summer night.

Beneath that carpet, shawl of ragged clouds

A distant memory ago

Superior darkness flooding, cloaks the

Ceaseless motion of terrestrial lives.

All hail this transient suspended state

Removed from life and cares and fate

Well named by all the ancients.

This is heaven.

 © Philip Knight 2018