Spare a thought for Involuntary Litigants

Silence the clock!

Silence the confusion, shadow boxing, talk

Silence the gasping, choking, hacking search for air

Silence the blue smoke blowing everywhere.

Silence the verbs, the nouns, the bitter adjectives

Silence the motions, seconds, minutes, deposed answers, questions, rulings

Silence the  libels, slanders, character assassination

Silence the half truths, innuendo, and all those misplaced acts

Silence this waterfall of words, its torrent debris of mischief, misery

Silence the swirling waters of misdirected moots

Silence the muddying sleight of hand, and tack

Silence the flood of forbidden whole-truth fact.

Silence the ringing in the ears, the ringing of the till

Silence the poisoned cup of falsely proffered peace

Silence the hollow solitary witness with his oath-ed truth

Silence the swollen empty feeling in the gut

Silence the pregnant pause, the postured pose, the pungent look

Silence the pounding heart, quivering, doubting spirit

Silence the stomach churning, wrenching turmoil, fear, uncertainty

Silence the doubt, despair, despite, and all disputes

Silence the law, this pretence of justice

Silence the sneering contempt, the powerful, all means of their control

Silence the fraud, abuse, the craving for revenge 

Silence the rage at injustice; 

Silence all the rage.

We would forget the ways of legal arms, 

the clash of warring tongues,

the fusillade and cannon thunder of expletive-d emotions.

Silence in the court!

 © Philip Knight 2018