Parsing the Ambiguities of Now

How to measure now, time’s 

fragment floating between that

unforgiving past and elusive future,

between plans and recollection,

our shame and our prayers,

our did and our will?

How to define now

the step dividing up from down,

the mile between went, and going, coming home

the art between history, modernity, futurity

the thought where observation ends, reflection begins

when speaking turns to spoken,

writing written, reading read, thinking thought,

where judgement ends and sentence begins.

Can you hold now

that place where imagining 

morphs from dream to memory,

The heartache between loving and loved

The brilliant flash between living, lived?

Call that place hope, seize it!

before some damnable -ed weighs it down

with anachronism, lost opportunity.

With pathos.

How long, in dog years, is the present to a rock?

 © Philip Knight 2018