Noosa Noosa Heads for War

Another day, hours

Wasted, wandering, wading

Through muddied potholes

Of stagnent words.

A pool of deep distrust


A stream of judgement, invective

A waterfall of words

Millions of words. Intense,

Impassioned words falling

Off the tongue, the table

Flowing in a drift 

Disordered and awry.

Heaped words

Filling the room with their

Echoes; so many visions, 

So little discipline to focus

The mind, the building of tomorrow

With strength, endurance, grace.

Process reflecting purpose

Words are tools of hunger

Shaped in the service of wishful need

Words are implements of war, grasping greed

Words as drumbeats of demand

Brutalize, Desensitize, euthanize

A tsunami of words, drowning the mind.

Polity reflects environment

Harshness lies heavy in the words

Bouncing from the walls

humid words, condensing, dripping

From the glass, Obscuring the world

Intolerance, judgement lurk in the clouded words

Boiling the air, roiling the mind

Sticking like mildew to the fabric

Of our thoughts

Clamming the pores, scumming the desk

Itching the soul down to the nails

Littered intersections of wasted words

Wet weedy outer fields of minor words

Deep swamps of subtle, nuanced words

Waves of argument crash endless as surf 

Strained words, yet no gentle rain

Falls here from heaven's mercy

Thundering waterfalls of words

Desperate for a lightning flash of genius.

Words, words, millions of words. . . 

While the workers fuss, unnoticed;

A beauty sashays through the tea room,


 © Philip Knight 2018