Millennial Ironies

The Doctor’s office urges me to be on time for my appointment 

The bank phones me, and then asks me to give privileged information for security reasons, so they can verify who I am. 

A plain clothes police officer asks why a citizen did not recognize and respond appropriately to him as an officer 

The open borders advocates banish Columbus from public view 

The social justice warriors attack an identity group of students  

Free expression advocates define and condemn thought, hat and face crimes 

The media defenders of free speech fault their readers for speaking truth to them [washington Post/Covington] 

An American politician advocating single payor universal medicare defends a Canadian family’s choice to emigrate to the US for better health care access 

The House Speaker refuses the President access to the chamber, because “he is petty”. 

Defenders of sanctuary from immigration laws argue for the rule of law

A freshman member of Congress proposes a radical new economy for the future because, she says, the world will end in 12 years.

People take to the unpaid plantation economy of social media to condemn the unpaid plantation economy of Apple’s Made on an iPhone photo contest. 

And this was just the past 3 days.  

Perhaps folks are so busy talking they cannot hear themselves. 

 © Philip Knight 2018