Book of Truths

A book like no other, judged by its cover

Gold leafed leather, gilt edged silky leaves, scarlet ribbon

Shape, size, feel, smell, packaged to importune emotion,

Kingly anachronistic language vests it apart with

Something ancient, magisterial, revered substance

Landscape of exotic Titles, Names, Books, Verses, 

Messages marshalled, arrayed, displayed

In solemn procession monarchs, potentates

lords temporal and spiritual granting audience 

Styled to awe, intimidate reason, pre-empt deliberation

Draw near, Bow, Fall prostrate, Hear, my People,

The Word of your Lord.

Imagine all the truths we might now hold

Had we, all our lives, been told–– 

"God is poetry, and Shakespeare's work 

is God's testament to mankind”.

 © Philip Knight 2018