Virgins Divorcing

With utter sadness

Hearing only the echoes of my mind

When I reach for yours.

The mystery of your silence

Wrapped in the enigma of our history

And the puzzle of now.

And no answer remains but 

Hollow raging at the slow 

Fading of yet another light.


Days, decades of them, gone

Already, and still my heart

Laughs for the love of life,

the lightness of you;

Strains to bear

The foreverness of nothing;

Wears the awful weight

Of the farewell

Caught in your silence, 

that last day.


Every ugly thing interred now

within a midden of excused naivete

below new growth of calm

forgiveness born of wearied anger, 

spent passions and the sound

of words unimagined

in the moments 

of betrayal and despite.

Is time and clever passivity enough?

That civil war came, without 

cause, intent and swept aside 

all that was evil and good.

About this: Thomas Sowell wrote “Never take other people for granted: there is a point of no return in all relationships”. This triptych speaks to the mystery of lost relationship, acknowledged in regret, remorse and, finally, in the possibility of rehabilitation.

 © Philip Knight 2018