Mind’s Eye

When it came to tell it to my mind

the event attracted legendary mythic

proportions, but I was one

of only two spirits in the room, and

know it wasn't like that at all.

She held between her fingers

the fresh crisp slip

as white and virginal as I,

and smiling gently, asked if I

would care to share the moment with her;

And without waiting for my answer

pulled out a treasure with

a high street value,

stretched it out across that

empty sheet while all the time

those piercing eyes held mine.

Her long fine limbs rolled

over her estate and sealed it

with a tender kiss along the seam

locking in the fragrance

but not before the warm pungent

aroma spread between us in the way

its image surrounds two lovers and

seals out the entire world;

Entranced, I watched, her captive,

as the flame rose like passion

flared high, and reduced itself

to a blushing glow, and still

her eyes never unlocked their fix on me.

Her room filled, the very air came

alive with the wafting promise of

shared pleasure, filling the spaces

around, beside, between us

Oh intoxicating inhalation!

Rise within me!

A common harmonious spirit

pervades the room;

She laughed with me, lightly

then harder, until

loosed of all restraint, infected by

her, I laughed with her,

we laughed, and still

her eyes never loosed their hold on my mind.


As ideas grow to thoughts grow to words

grow to overspill the mind, the

love drug filled my brain filled

my body, filled my every cell my

very essence, my reality;

You are in me and I in you, and still

her eyes would not release my spirit from her hold


We left the glowing embers

to themselves to burn down

absorbing all the fragrance and the heat;

As light travels forever through the galaxy

And memories are etched into the soul

the ash glows on into eternity, and still

my eyes can see her every motion

my ears can feel the magic of her laugh

my heart can sense the fragrance of her love

and I cannot release her image from my soul.

 © Philip Knight 2018