Forrest’s Lament

Days, decades of them gone

Already and still my heart

Laughs for the love, the life

Of the welcome

Caught in your eyes, that first day.

How could passion, desire, love,

Infuse my blood bittersweet

As Joni's holy wine,

Resist all cure, and starved,

Never die, but root stunted

In the impossibly alien fallows

Laying between our mindscapes.

What different worlds inhabit us

Who once shared a moment

In the sun, the snow, a summer walk

Until, the path diverging,

Saw differences in that

Less travelled by,

Trailing our muses to their

Opposing poles.

I pass these times tossed

Through nights of haunting

dreams, wonderings, imaginings

Lost moments, hopeless scenes

And the soft wounding

Of your silence.

Nothing is forever,

You said, half a lifetime ago.

Awakening suddenly

To your double meaning,

I strain to bear

The foreverness of nothing.

Eight years gone already

And still my heart

laughs for the lightness of you

bears the awful weight

Of the farewell

Caught in your words, that last day.

 © Philip Knight 2018