Because I’ve Been Good For Much Too Long

I open to the lovely smile

Approaching across the open room

Her sweet form sashaying with grace 

Elegance, promised joys

Comes to me with the sweetest offer

Heard these past months of effort

Struggle, contention, discordant words

Recall the great Watts, lost to us all

Yield not, the old school chorus haunts my mind

I could craft words to move a rainbow nation

Or grieve the foreverness of nothing

Confess my trespass to a waterfall

Or Wonder at the sudden fall of words

Salute the people of the eagle and the wolf

Hail the elders of Kaliaksim Lisims

Or note the rattling waste of father's loose ambitions

And none would notice much, nor care

But still she smiles, her offer in the air

This day as I am finished, given all

What the hell, surely now

If ever, I deserve a let

Gazing deep into her warm smiling eyes,

All resistance futile, tumbled

Undone, I yield at last to great temptation 

And order the apple crumble.

 © Philip Knight 2018