Crossing the Solar Winds

My last two birth aunts slipped away one day apart,

as quiet and beyond view as Voyager leaving the solar system,

the reports of their passage greatly unexaggerated.

Yet it is I who feel unmoored from the constants of life,

my gravitational order––the sun, the moon, the near and distant

planets, comets, meteors––falling one-by-one into the emptiness behind.

I am Voyager, released to the universe,

Trackless space and endless time,

Forty thousand years to the closest sun.

About this: 

  1. Being 1 of 9 siblings, I imagine a solar system structure of my birth family. Each death feels like a loss, a weakening of the mystic gravitational forces that hold us distant yet mutually engaged.
  2. December 8, 2018:  The NASA Voyager 2 probe no longer feels the solar wind & is flying through interstellar space. Launched in 1977, and now travelling 54,000 KPH, it will take 40,000 years to reach another star system.
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