Coming Home

The house is in silence as I approach it

Another day of saving the world

The best way I know having just ended

And I note to myself how it is always like this

A time of transformation spent in the

Chrysalis of steel and wheels

The trappings of professional life 

Are stripped away in fifteen blocks or so, and one short bridge

The last debate, consideration, contract term

Or point of credit debit profit loss

Actively working the neural cells these past nine hours 

Begin to fade, fall off, are stored or lost or put in cache

It doesn't matter now.

With the crashing of the rolling door behind me

Darkness fills the car, its home, my mind

I step out into the cold, an empty slate.

The house is in silence as I approach it

Another evening of saving the world

The only way I know having just begun

And I smile at the thought that it is always like this 

A time of transformation begun out

On the threshold in the moment just before

The magic of my key in lock propels me on

To be flooded in the warmth which will

Invest on me the trappings of a parent.

I turn it in the slot push aside the entrance

Hear the sounds of silence in my mind

Crushed beneath a charged crescendo of chaos.

Doors slam, footsteps racing through their daily pattern, 

In the distance the soft muted cadence of some

Banal repeat has lost its erstwhile riveting hold,

The hard rapid beating of some

Vapid verse, some ersatz tune, has lost it's grip.

Pounding on the stairs they race:

Four furry feet with wagging tail, silent greetings  

Assault my face ,nostrils, dignity and sensibilities;

Pounding close behind his young master, all feet and hands 

Clumsily flying out he doesn't know where

Into stairs into walls into me;

Pounding softly in the hall his young sister

Sailing through half turns, full twists, her mouth and tongue

The fastest moving muscle of them all.

Pounding into every cell commanding

Every sense, cutting to the deepest core

I hear the daily greeting.

Oh, lucky man that I am

I am at home, and

I am loved.

 © Philip Knight 2018