Hyde Park, Saturday Night

The people took back the streets.

So quietly they hardly noticed

What they had accomplished,

Realized the awe of it 

Only later, late for dinner 

In Hyde Park one warm Saturday 

Evening, somewhere in oh five.

Sorry, congestion on Jan Smuts

Yeah, and impossible to park!

Can you imagine, traffic

People out, moving about

Jozie on a Saturday night?

Once, after dark, a ghost town

Drained by despair, disabled by distrust, 

But now, a scramble for a table, eish!

What's happening to us?

Liberty, the only real freedom,

The kind we claim, give ourselves.

Assert the simple dignity of right 

To be in time and place

Confront the locusts, wasting hope

Confound the errant rentiers of fear.

 © Philip Knight 2018