Tweet out of Time

Eve was an original: a follower.

Though back in the day

I guess they didn’t use that word in quite that way.

Imagine then that she had hit ‘delete’, 

Or just perhaps replied - 

@wilyguy.goe “Yeah, right. LOL (;›)

Or learned like Jobs to answer in two words

Neither starting with an eff, 

But both just as clear all the same.

Or dissed all the blandishments to ego, and

Chose to live out her life in paradise.

Well, several thousand orbits later, would wilyguy,

Have disengaged, like John Mayer, 

From his few million fanboys, 

Figuring it was all a waste of time? 

Or would he still be tweeting his promise

How you could have the apple and the garden, too?

To any followers? 

 © Philip Knight 2018