Romance in the Age of Selfies

She sashayed past 

My eyes at the bar

Swung her hips into the evening

Long legs gaining on a shadow

Fell to his side, matching strides

Reaching, groped for his free hand

As it groped absently for her cheeks

A handy waltz: forth and back

Her right seeks his left

His left, her ass

His right never losing whoever

Had his attention on the 

phone glued to his ear

Each getting but half of him

As he seduced himself

Into the tropic night.

About this: An encounter described much as I witnessed it one evening at a pool side bar in Solomon Islands. 

The not-so-secret dark truth of ‘social’ media is its tendency to inflate and serve the ego. Despite the name, and its rhetorical devices of linking, friending, liking and favouriting, it is a technology that isolates, separates and divides people from one another, giving only the illusion of meaningful engagement.

 © Philip Knight 2018