Poor Boys and Pilgrims

Time goes by so slowly.....

Eat your fried peanut butter corn dogs 

Washed down with opioids and beer; 

Youth, like an avocado kitchen, is everlasting 

The weight of years hold no decay; 

There’s no disgrace at Graceland. 

Life is too short.... 

For cars that bore and toys that fail 

Pull out your weapon, shoot the screen 

the car, the moon; Dress for excess,  

Spin and croon, I am style, I am grace; 

We never age at Graceland. 

The wardens throw a party in the morning light 

The good folks trooping by want it all just bright 

They tell you’all the mem’ries, tall tales and such 

The final word out here is, time can do so much . . . 

Eternal flame, eternal life, you’re always on my mind 

‘Cause no one ever really dies at Graceland. 

 © Philip Knight 2018