Flying Awestruck

After all these years

It still possesses the power to amaze and fill us with awe.

The rush of power,

The mysterious lift,

The surge into the sky

Silence us every time

And turn our mind briefly outward.

Wedged together

Sheep in a holding pen

Room for the body in only one shape

Spirit lulled by a minstrel's tune

Mind drugged by a brewer's stew

And each traveller content

To claim as his own what he can hold

Not to talk about it, as

Restrained by inhibitions, conventions 

Patterns of behaviour long accepted

And enforced without rules, judges, or police.

Soon the tray will pass,

Dispensing eggs prepared to be

Insulting to the palate and the hen,

Disbursing dollops of hospitable drudgery.

Beyond a cotton wall

I catch brief momentary glances

Our lords stretch their limbs, extend elbows and arms

Into luxurious space.

The space, the glass and china all declare

Their class and ours.

 © Philip Knight 2018