Deleting the Web

The silvery haired woman wakes to fear

She hit delete

The global web lies shredded at her feet

Its great weight melted, sloughed away

Gone by her neglect, or willing

Exit from its stays.

Gasp! Gasp!  No---breathe!

Disengage, withdraw, and meditate

Then breathe once more, freed from the need

To lift and share some heavy upward load

Or bear the burden of the down bound road.

To know herself and knowing it's enough

To friend her loves, love her friends

and living loving, find an end---

Of chasing all the freshest wikied power

Knowing it will pass within the hour

Finding ever more and knowing less;

Of friending all and being friend to none

Liking, yes or no without demur;

Surveying from afar the noisesome fray

Fouling her spirit, grinding down the day

Force fitting her in spaces, traces and opines

Denying her the dignity, the power

Created in her free, her bespoke mind.

Delete is to be human

To err, divine.

 © Philip Knight 2018