All the World’s a Stage

Waiting mid-day in a lobby on Broadway

B-Line buses sliding up and down

part, reveal a set across the way

a single red car against a jeweler’s window.

Two figures approach 

entirely in black

intensely private, in public.

Touch intimately, kiss 

Embrace, hug, hold fast

beyond a greeting,

Kiss, again, again and again

Longer than before.

Oblivious to the world;

Obvious to the world.

Break away

Touch her face

Kiss, more long, imploring, needful kissing

and desperate hugs as

he looks beyond 

while traffic walks, rolls, flows, around

And she kisses hungrily, longingly.


Behind the car, materialized from a lamp post

a child wearing purple helmet

approaches. They disengage,

the child between them.

A brief conversation standing apart 

looking out in common, not together.

He walks away.

A helmet like the child’s appears in

her hand, on her head.

She rides off with the girl.

As B-Line buses meet to close the set. 

I wonder.

 © Philip Knight 2018