September 10, 2018: Awe and Wonder

"The land looks like a patchwork quilt or a broadloom rug,

The higher we go, the smoother the land seems.

The sun’s making the Atlantic shimmer

Casting radiance through the clouds;

We’re out over the ocean and the Florida keys

There is no horizon, you can’t tell

where the ocean ends and the sky begins:

So, this is how it looks to God!”

––Kathy (Knight) Legg: First Flight, 1964

My sister, Kathy, took her first flight at age 19, flying from Miami to Belize. With her wonderful gift for words, she recorded her impressions, beginning:

"I’m actually on the plane. … Big, exciting things are happening!

The props have just started turning—faster now; 

The planes rocking! We’re moving!

It’s really quite smooth. 

The newly risen sun’s blazing in the windows.

The plane’s rocking from side to side as we

Speed faster down the runway.

The stewardess is speaking.

There is a terrific…..roar suddenly

This is a DC-6.

I’m having a ball . . .”

Today, she would have been 74: She inspires us still.

 © Philip Knight 2018