August 15, 2018: Puzzling Places

One year ago, I shared with my older brother a wonderful road tour across Canada, in honour of our sesquicentennial. 

David requested a stop in Moosomin, for a photo shoot of one of the few remaining, yet still iconic, “prairie skyscrapers’.

At Christmas, I had this photo produced for him as a jigsaw puzzle, to give him the pleasure of recalling our time together, as he whiled away his retired winter evenings.

Today, [at last] he tells me he has completed the work.  And expressed his appreciation for the puzzle with this poetic pairing:

“Thou art a lowlife, a rascal . . . a cowardly lawyer loving…vain prissy scoundrel . . .”

––Wm. Shakespeare: King Lear (2.2)

 © Philip Knight 2018